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  • The funnel shaped PVC sleeve from China JZY for these Vinyl-Insulated Blade Terminals for 12-10AWG Wire guarantees the conductor strands are completely inserted into the terminal barrel of the cable crimp lug, which creates a secure and reliable, electrical and mechanical connection. The internal surface of the barrel is rifled so to improve contact with the conductor strands of the cables when crimped and to increase tensile strength.

  • JZY is a terminal manufacturer that supplies a wide variety of copper terminals and supports customization.Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules for 20AWG is one of the commonly used terminals. Its unique two-wire design saves materials and improves utilization. Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules for 2*20AWG is a kind of tubular terminal, can be connected to the double wire, and the end material is selected to be copper material, the terminal is selected to be PVC material, and can be connected to the design of double wire, so that the wiring is more concise, improve the utilization of space.According to the different length of copper pipe, Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules for 2*20AWG will have different specifications, the corresponding price will be different. For specific specifications, refer to the parameters in the details.

  • JZY is the manufacturer and supplier of Insulated male disconnects terminals for 12-10 AWG Wire which is also one of the common cord end terminals. It is usually used when the power supply is disconnected or damaged parts need to be replaced. The metal part is made of brass and the shell is made of polyvinyl chloride.

  • PVC Insulated Ring Terminals for 12-10AWG Wire is one of the products with high annual output and supply from JZY manufacturers and suppliers. The high quality copper material can meet your quality requirements for 12-10 AWG wire PVC insulated ring terminal. The following are general parameters for PVC insulated ring terminals for 12-10 AWG wires,

  • JZY is a professional China Vinyl-Insulated Blade Terminals for 16-14AWG Wire manufacturers and suppliers. Crimp Vinyl-Insulated blade terminals for 16-14AWG are solderless, single-wire electrical connections used for the termination of stranded wires.

  • JZY is a leading China Non-Insulated Ring Terminals for 8AWG Wire manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. Non-insulated ring terminals for 8 AWG offer the safety and security that other types of terminal connections cannot because, in order for the terminal to be removed, you must remove the screw holding the terminal. Non-insulated ring terminals are used in areas where insulation is not needed. Easy to use, all you need is a crimping tool. These non-insulated ring terminals are an inexpensive solution when protection from electrical current is not a necessity.