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  • Company Strength

    The company was founded in 2004, the main production and operation of cold end terminal, auto parts, connectors, winding terminals, wire harness terminals and other products

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  • Application Field

    JINZHIYUAN provides complementary products for power,communications, machinery,construction,petroleum, chemicals,transportation,automotive, electrical,electrical,etc.

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  • Our Service

    JINZHIYUAN is committed to providing "safe,reliable,suitable"quality electrical product solutions,abide by the "honest management,quality first, customer first" commitment.

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The source of wenzhou gold electric appliance co., LTD. Was established in May 25, 2004, the company is located in yueqing city, zhejiang province, yueqing economic development zone, le shang entrepreneurship F layer 2 (west), the main production and operation cold-press terminal, automobile and motorcycle accessories, connectors, even around the terminals, wiring harness, terminals, and other products. At the same time, it mainly produces ring terminals, pin terminals, pvc insulated ring terminals. JZY is a leading China manufacturers and suppliers, the company committed to the industry for many years, promote and each big enterprise, the manufacturer of the joint venture and cooperation, With the idea of industrialization development to serve the society and the majority of users.

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