Insulated female disconnects

JZY is a professional production service enterprise specializing in cord end terminals and connectors. Insulated female disconnects is usually made of high-quality materials as a common terminal for replacing electronic parts or disconnecting circuits.

Insulated female disconnects is the female end of a male and female docking terminal. It is usually used together with the male end to quickly connect or disconnect a circuit.

As a Chinese manufacturer, JZY has been following the business philosophy of "survival by quality, win customers by reputation", and is willing to work with new and old customers to develop.

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  • JZY owns a wide range of terminal products and is a terminal wholesaler and supplier. Insulated female disconnects terminals for 22-16 AWG Wire is one of the best-selling products of JZY. Of course, if you want to customize Insulated female disconnects terminals for 22-16 AWG Wire, you can send us an email to tell us your requirements, and we will customize it. Insulated female disconnects terminals for 22-16 AWG Wire is made of copper tinning material. The shell is made of PVC absolute sheath, flame retardant insulation, good protection performance.Whether you are wholesale or want to cooperate with us, we are welcome at any time

  • JZY is the manufacturer and supplier of Insulated male disconnects terminals for 12-10 AWG Wire which is also one of the common cord end terminals. It is usually used when the power supply is disconnected or damaged parts need to be replaced. The metal part is made of brass and the shell is made of polyvinyl chloride.

  • JZY is a manufacturer and supplier of research and development terminals and wholesale. It has a wide variety of products, including mainly cold pressing terminals and connectors, among which Insulated female disconnects terminals for 16-14 AWG Wire products are also one of the popular products at present,and JZY supports customized products, you only need to provide drawings, negotiate the price, and then you can receive the high quality products within the specified time, of course, Insulated female disconnects terminals for 16-14 AWG Wire this product can also be customized, the end of copper tin, good conductivity, low resistance, coat with PVC material, flame retardant wear-resistant, safer to use.Here is the specific content of the product.

  • JZY is a senior terminal manufacturer and supplier. It has been standing in the terminal industry for more than ten years. Insulated female disconnects terminals for 12-10 AWG Wire is the female end of the butt terminal in cord end terminals, also known as the spring terminal.

As one of the professional China Insulated female disconnects manufacturers and suppliers, our factory can provide the low price and classy products. Our products are in stock. In addition, we not only support customized services, but also provide free sample and bulk products.
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