Bullet Butt Terminal

JZY is a manufacturer and supplier focusing on the production of China Bullet Butt Terminal, China Bullet Butt Terminal will be made of high quality materials.  Whether it is material selection or production, or the final product, JZY will present the best to every customer.

Bullet Butt Terminal is divided into Insulated male bullet disconnects and Insulated receptacle disconnects, the metal part is made of brass, the shell is made of PVC insulation material, and the final product is ISO9001 certified.  Bullet Butt Terminal supplied by JZY is also well received throughout the country and abroad.

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  • JZY is a factory producing Insulated male Bullet disconnects for 22-16 AWG and supplying many terminals, whose products are used in household appliances, power supplies, auto and motorcycle parts, etc., which are both manufacturers and suppliers, and the terminal products produced are exported to all over the world. For customers who purchase in large quantities, JZY provides customized services, of course, Insulated male Bullet disconnects for 22-16 AWG is no exception.

  • JZY is a manufacturer of copper terminals, producing Insulated male Bullet disconnects for 16-14 AWG and various types of terminals. And JZY sells products all over the world, Insulated male Bullet disconnects for 16-14 AWG is one of the best sellers and well received. Unique bullet design, high quality copper material, with protective sheath effect, make the connection wire more secure and stable.

  • JZY has been the manufacturer and supplier of the terminal for nearly 20 years. Insulated receptacle disconnects for 22-16 AWG is the female end of the bullet-type butt terminal, which is inserted with the male end to form a closed loop to conduct electricity. Moreover, the shell is made of insulating material, so it is safe to use.

  • JZY is a terminal manufacturer that supplies terminal products all over the world. Insulated male Bullet disconnects for 12-10 AWG is the male end of the butt terminal type, which is usually used in combination with the female end. The metal end is made of high-quality brass raw materials, and the wiring end is customized with polyvinyl chloride sheath, which has both conductive effect and insulation, waterproof and flame retardant. JZY has enough inventory, consult and order on the same day, and arrange delivery after completing the transaction.

  • JZY is a terminal manufacturer and wholesaler, specializing in the production of terminals for more than ten years, providing high quality terminal products, while selling at the most suitable price. Bullet-shaped male and female full-insulating joins is a fully insulated butt terminal belonging to the bullet butt terminal. Nylon shell is fully wrapped, waterproof, insulation, flame retardant effect, effectively protect the stability of the circuit. The male end is the bullet head, the female end is the bullet seat, and the use of the plug can achieve the effect of quickly disconnecting or connecting the power supply or replacing the electronic components.

As one of the professional China Bullet Butt Terminal manufacturers and suppliers, our factory can provide the low price and classy products. Our products are in stock. In addition, we not only support customized services, but also provide free sample and bulk products.
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