Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules

JZY is a supplier focusing on the production and sales of Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules. The seamless copper pipe end design can connect the PVC insulated end of the double wire, so as to improve the utilization rate of space. Copper tube has good conductive effect and stable performance. 

Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules's compact design makes it easy to connect and carry. As a manufacturer, JZY will provide customized services for customers, and the earlier the order time, the earlier the delivery time.

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  • JZY is a Factory that produces Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules for 2*22AWG in China, wholesale Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules for 2*22AWG and other terminals, focusing on research and development and production terminals. It has been standing in the terminal field for nearly 20 years, Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules for 2*22AWG is one of the popular products of JZY, this Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules for 2*22AWG, the tube end uses copper-tin plating process, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, better conductivity, the shell material uses PVC, can be attached to double wire, easy to install and easy to use.

  • JZY is a terminal manufacturer that supplies a wide variety of copper terminals and supports customization.Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules for 20AWG is one of the commonly used terminals. Its unique two-wire design saves materials and improves utilization. Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules for 2*20AWG is a kind of tubular terminal, can be connected to the double wire, and the end material is selected to be copper material, the terminal is selected to be PVC material, and can be connected to the design of double wire, so that the wiring is more concise, improve the utilization of space.According to the different length of copper pipe, Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules for 2*20AWG will have different specifications, the corresponding price will be different. For specific specifications, refer to the parameters in the details.

As one of the professional China Twin Insulated Wire Ferrules manufacturers and suppliers, our factory can provide the low price and classy products. Our products are in stock. In addition, we not only support customized services, but also provide free sample and bulk products.
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