Intermediate Connector Terminal

Intermediate Connector Terminal plays an important role in the circuit connector, not only can connect the circuit to achieve current stability, the fully insulated shell can protect the circuit from external factors, so that the effect of waterproof, moisture-proof and flame retardant.

A metal copper tube terminal is installed in Intermediate Connector Terminal. Wires are inserted at both ends and pressed by crimping tools to ensure normal operation. The PVC shell protects terminals and circuits.

In the process of producing Intermediate Connector Terminal, JZY also produces in strict accordance with national standards, in order to show the best quality to customers, so that every customer who needs to use the terminal can use the best products.

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  • JZY is a terminal manufacturer and supplier, whose products cover cord end terminals, connectors, plug-ins, cable terminals, etc., which are widely used. Insulated vinyl butt connectors for 22-16 AWG is one kind of cord end terminals, with built-in copper tube and PVC shell fully wrapped, which can achieve the effect of rapid wiring.

  • JZY is a wholesaler specializing in the production and sale of terminal products. The Water proof:Heat shrink butt connectors for 22-16 AWG produced belongs to a connector in the heat shrink terminal, which is connected at both ends and has a built-in copper tube to achieve the effect of a wire, and is shrunk by heat to form a safe circuit. Same-day order, same-day delivery preparation.

  • JZY is a Chinese manufacturer that produces new energy automotive terminals and has a full understanding of the new energy industry. Among the long shape entire insulation attaches for 22-16AWG is a kind of high temperature resistance, high insulation, corrosion resistant nylon insulated terminal, the maximum temperature resistance of 105°C 600V, built-in metal copper terminal, high quality, high stability, manufacturers direct supply of a product, batch price discount at the same time support customization.

As one of the professional China Intermediate Connector Terminal manufacturers and suppliers, our factory can provide the low price and classy products. Our products are in stock. In addition, we not only support customized services, but also provide free sample and bulk products.
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