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  • In the world of electrical connections, fork insulated terminals are essential components. They are used in various applications, including automotive, industrial and residential wiring. Insulated wire fork connectors and U-shaped insulated wire connectors provide reliable and secure connections that help ensure safety and functionality.


  • Insulated terminals play an important role in the circuit, and the correct use of insulated terminals is also necessary. As a terminal manufacturer, JZY specializes in the production of high quality terminals, among which insulated terminals are also one of the terminals trusted by customers.


  • JZY is a senior manufacturer of professional terminals. Terminal products cover a wide range, of which for the terminals in the field of new energy vehicles is to do a good job of each product, provide high-quality terminals, ensure the normal operation of terminals in new energy vehicles, and bring people the safety of travel.


  • Copper is a chemically stable metal, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, and the melting point of copper is relatively high, and has good electrical conductivity, so in the scene related to high temperature and conductivity, the use of copper products is one of the best and relatively safe choices.


  • First of all, JZY is a copper terminal manufacturer and supplier, the terminals produced generally use high-quality brass and red copper, two common materials, of course, there are some terminals will use phosphor copper production, no matter what kind of terminals, have good electrical conductivity, strong stability.


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