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  • High quality Non-Insulated Ring Terminals for 22-16AWG Wire is offered by China manufacturers JZY. Ring terminals are designed to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire connection. Non-Insulated Ring Terminals for 22AWG-16 AWG Made from tinned copper.The ring structure of the connector end allows the terminal to be securely connected to a screw or stud. Each terminal features a unique set of characteristics including amperage rating, insulation type, and gauge size. Shop our extensive selection of heat shrink, nylon-insulated, vinyl-insulated, non-insulated, and high temp ring terminals below.

  • High quality Non-Insulated Spade Terminals for 22-16AWG is offered by China manufacturers JZY. The shape of the Non-Insulated Spade Terminals for 22AWG-16 AWG resembles a fork, making it easy to connect or disconnect the spade terminal to the electrical connection. This design makes the spade terminal, also known as fork terminal, an ideal choice for applications or installs with limited space for installation or replacement.

  • JZY is a leading China PVC Insulated Ring Terminals for 22-16AWG Wire manufacturers. Vinyl-insulated ring terminals for 22-16AWG Wire mate, connect, or terminate a single wire. The ring shape of the terminal allows for connection to a screw or stud type electrical application. Our butted seam ring terminals are the most economical insulated terminal available. Vinyl-insulated ring terminals are commonly used in automotive and marine vehicles, but can be used in various other electrical applications.

  • JZY is a professional leader China Vinyl-Insulated Blade Terminals for 22-16AWG Wire manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. Featuring a flat blade or funnel shaped design,Vinyl-Insulated blade terminals protect wires from excessive bending or tightening. Available in a variety of different shapes and sizes to provide unique benefits, while ensuring secure connections.

  • High quality PVC Insulated Spade Terminals for 22-16AWG is offered by China manufacturers JZY. JZY spade connector selection includes heat shrink, nylon, and vinyl insulation types, along with a variety of non-insulation spade connectors. Heat shrink spade terminals are a durable and secure connection solution. When heated, the insulation fully encloses the connection for a waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and pull strength protection.

  • Find a huge selection of PVC Insulated Spade Terminals for 16-14AWG from China at JZY. Vinyl-insulated spade terminals for 16AWG-14 AWG are connectors that are used to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire. The vinyl material is an economic insulation that surrounds the spade terminal and seals the terminal and wire connection. Vinyl-insulated spade terminals are great for marine vehicles, and other applications that utilize wire to transfer electrical current.

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