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  • JZY is a leading China Insulated Wire Ferrule for 24-20AWG manufacturers. Insulated Wire Ferrule for 24-20AWG are offered without insulation (Non-Insulated Wire Ferrules), with plastic insulation for single wires (Single Insulated Wire Ferrules) and with a plastic insulation to accommodate two wires (Twin Wire Ferrules). Wire Ferrules are offered in Strips or Spools to be used with automatic crimping machines or multi-function crimping tools.

  • The funnel shaped PVC sleeve from China JZY for these Vinyl-Insulated Blade Terminals for 12-10AWG Wire guarantees the conductor strands are completely inserted into the terminal barrel of the cable crimp lug, which creates a secure and reliable, electrical and mechanical connection. The internal surface of the barrel is rifled so to improve contact with the conductor strands of the cables when crimped and to increase tensile strength.

  • JZY is a professional China Vinyl-Insulated Blade Terminals for 16-14AWG Wire manufacturers and suppliers. Crimp Vinyl-Insulated blade terminals for 16-14AWG are solderless, single-wire electrical connections used for the termination of stranded wires.

  • JZY is a professional leader China Vinyl-Insulated Blade Terminals for 22-16AWG Wire manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. Featuring a flat blade or funnel shaped design,Vinyl-Insulated blade terminals protect wires from excessive bending or tightening. Available in a variety of different shapes and sizes to provide unique benefits, while ensuring secure connections.

  • JZY is a leading China PVC Insulated Spade Terminals for 8AWG Wire manufacturers. The Vinyl-insulated spade terminals for 8 AWG Funnel-designed, polyvinyl chloride sleeve offers easy insertion of wires
    Standard-style ring tongue fits around the stud
    Made of electrolytic copper for good conductivity and has tin plating for corrosion resistance

  • Welcome to JZY to buy PVC Insulated Spade Terminals for 12-10AWG from China. Vinyl-insulated spade terminals for 12-10 AWG , butted seam spade terminals are used to mate, connect, or terminate a single 12-10 AWG wire, while allowing for a connection to a screw or stud type electrical connection. The vinyl material acts as an economic insulation type and the butted seam is the most common type of terminal barrel. Vinyl insulated fork terminals are commonly used in automotive and marine vehicles, but can also be used in various other electrical applications.