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  • JZY is a professional leader China Non-Insulated Ring Terminals for 16-14AWG Wire manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. A ring terminal is a short metal tube with flat washer type ring attached. The tube or barrel end of the crimp is a hollow tube where the stranded wire is inserted and crimped. The contact or connection end is a flat ring with a central hole which connects to a stud or bolt. Ring terminals are insulated or non-insulated.

  • High quality Non-Insulated Ring Terminals for 22-16AWG Wire is offered by China manufacturers JZY. Ring terminals are designed to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire connection. Non-Insulated Ring Terminals for 22AWG-16 AWG Made from tinned copper.The ring structure of the connector end allows the terminal to be securely connected to a screw or stud. Each terminal features a unique set of characteristics including amperage rating, insulation type, and gauge size. Shop our extensive selection of heat shrink, nylon-insulated, vinyl-insulated, non-insulated, and high temp ring terminals below.