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The role of connectors cannot be ignored

The role of connectors cannot be ignored. The so-called connectors are the connectors we usually call in life, such as inside the light switch, and also in the computer host we often use to surf the Internet. The earphones that match our mobile phones are also a kind of connector. For some people who work in hospitals, the MRI that they are often exposed to is also used in connectors, which shows that it is indispensable in our lives.
In different types of connectors, its inspection standards are also different, some focus on appearance, some focus on the convenience of fitting, but more focus on its performance, the main concern is the design and the most prominent characteristics and uses. For example, more advanced fiber optic connectors need to pay attention to specific environmental performance, and the acceleration and duration of the peak value should also be paid attention to during the test.

Although the connector is a small item, its function seems to be very single, but in the actual application and operation process, some people with certain professional knowledge are needed to truly ensure the safety during inspection.