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How to understand the ring terminal harness connecting wire

Ring terminal is a kind of electrical connection accessories without mechanical contact jitter and with high switching frequency. Ring terminals are classified as connectors for industrial purposes. In fact, it is a metal sheet sealed in insulating plastic, with holes at both ends that can be inserted into wires, and can be fastened or loosened with screws. It is a very convenient and fast method of use.

The terminal harness you see may be different because of its variety, but the composition and structure of all terminal harnesses are basically the same. Now let's explain the composition and structure of the terminal harness. I hope you can further understand the terminal harness.

The terminal harness is composed of five structures:

1、 The normal conductor materials are copper, tinned copper, copper clad steel and other metals with strong conductivity. The conductor is the basic structure for current or electromagnetic transmission.

2、 The insulating layer, which is wrapped in the outer layer of the wire or cable, can well protect the normal transmission function of the wire, and can also play an insulating role in the electrical, which can effectively ensure the safety of external things and people.

3、 Shielding layer, the shielding layer can effectively shield the interference between the electromagnetic field of the wire and the external electromagnetic field, and also can separate the different wires inside the wire from each other.

4、 The protective sleeve is a kind of component, which can be installed in different environments and can also protect the insulating layer.

5、 Fillers can be used to ensure the roundness of the cable when there may be gaps in the conductor during the processing of the terminal harness. Common fillers include cotton thread, Mylar, etc.